physical things shouldn’t matter

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you can tell michelle

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  • im crazy
  • i have deep-rooted emotional problems
  • im like another parent
  • im too clingy
  • i don’t try
  • i’m the biggest bully you’ve ever met
  • you hate me
  • i’m a liar

ill add more when i think of some

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i did it.  either it doesnt hurt or it hasnt hit me

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priorities fucked up

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people say there’s religion because you need god or a higher power to turn to when nothing’s going right in life, to take weight off of your shoulders and make you feel like everything’s going to be alright.  i never believed them because i never thought i’d be in a situation where i’d feel like i couldn’t handle it myself; i was wrong.  right now i’m in that situation where i dont know what to do and i can’t do it by myself.  but while all this is happening i still refuse to turn to god, because i want to kill myself, and god sends you to hell if you do

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someone please help me

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i fucking hate my family
im failing all my classes
im in trouble with the school cause i ditch so much
she is the only thing i have
and im fucking losing her
i fake being sick
because im scared to go to school and fail
im running away and its catching up to me
and i dont know what to do
i walk into my classes and i dont know what the fuck is going on
because i ditched
and im getting in trouble
for ditching
and i ditched
with a girl
that im about to lose
and my entire family
is giving me shit for it
what the fuck is happening to me
i lost all my friends
because i spend so much time with her
all this shit is happening
because i dedicate everything to her
and all she has to say
is grow up
and you dont try
and you dont do this
and im about to fucking lose her
i know it

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im fucking lost

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i dont know what to do anymore

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